Amanda’s Story

I have always been energetically connected to the

natural world in a deep and meaningful way. I became

aware of the interweaving of other planes of existence

when I witnessed my mother’s soul passing as a child.

That is when the healing began.

Likenlife is a way of life, how we live intentionally, consciously and authentically in each moment to create the lives we truly want and deserve to live.
— Amanda


Originally motivated by a diagnosis of a chronic Lyme infection in my 20s, the very beginning threads of Likenlife began to weave themselves in my mind’s eye. The idea grew with me and conversely shaped me in the process of developing this philosophy for life over the last five years.

Likenlife_Amanda Headshot-1.JPG

I struggled with fatigue, sleep issues and chronic pain since a teenager. After seeing more doctors than I could count and trying all avenues of Western allopathic medicine, I began scouring the internet for a holistic resource that could give me some answers to what ailed me. That was over ten years ago now. I wanted someone I could trust and also inspired me to live a healthier life, to no avail, I pieced my own healing together and finally found two incredible Naturopathic doctors that finally set me on the path to healing and unexpectedly, a spiritual awakening.

Healing happens on all levels of our being, making it imperative to look at it from a holistic perspective if we want to succeed in our self-healing.
— Amanda


The basis for Likenlife is conscious living, built of three main pillars of Mind, Body and Spirit. These three are inseparable when it comes to our health, well-being, and journey of self-healing. Our physical health and our consciousness are deeply tied to one another; thus Likenlife’s holistic philosophy of utilizing the body and mind to access the spirit to aid in our physical and metaphysical healing process.

T H E M I N D - Many times it is the mind that holds us back from healing, setting aside our intellect and letting our intuitive mind work is an art. We build this artistic skill through self-awareness and a dedicated practice of yoga and meditation to move out of our physical bodies and into our inner worlds of peace and bliss.

T H E B O D Y - The physical body may be where we notice our first symptoms of dis-ease and can be a helpful tool to direct us where healing or strengthening may need to take place. What we put in our bodies, what we surround ourselves with, and our relationships are the biggest contributors to what builds our bodies and minds. We deepen our healing by heightening our bodily awareness; we re-learn to speak the body’s language to move us to deeper forms of harmony.

T H E S P I R I T - Our deepest connection to inner truth, our Liken, is what directs our life paths. When we open ourselves up to that inner guide, we allow for our fullest expression in this lifetime. We nurture this aspect of ourselves by developing a deep connection with Source, working in our heart space, expressing ourselves creatively and a dedicated practice to meditation and raising our consciousness.

These ideas permeate all aspects of Likenlife, whether it be from the teaching and guidance I provide on my YouTube Channel OR my Online Courses I provide for my students OR my multi-faceted approach to healing with my clients in sessions.

I truly live these philosophies in my everyday life, which is what makes me so passionate about sharing this way of life with others as a humble offering to those who receive it. We all have our own paths to walk and I would be honored to share my journey with you!

Knowing there is a better way to live is one thing, doing something about it takes courage.
— Amanda


R E I K I M A S T E R - Amanda is a Certified Reiki Master and has completed levels I, II, & III, she trained with Daisy Thompson of Northwest Reiki Studio in Seattle. She practices locally and offers distance Reiki Sessions online as well. Amanda will have completed the full Reiki Training with Daisy in December 2019, certifying her as a Reiki Teacher.

A S T R O L O G E R - Amanda is in the process of completing her first year of Ancient Hellenistic Astrology Education with Adam Elenbas. She will then continue on through his second year course starting mid 2020, diving deeper into transits and reading techniques.

I N T U I T I V E O R A C L E & T A R O T P R A C T I C I O N E R - Amanda is completely self taught in card reading, but is an avid reader and has many teachers that have built her personal card reading practice through the years.

L I F E & S P I R I T U A L C O A C H - Amanda is in the process of completing her Life Coaching certification through the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts and will complete her certification in February of 2020.

Y O G A & M E D I T A T I O N T E A C H E R - Amanda has started her Yogic Studies and Meditation Teacher Training through the Ananda Institute of Living Yoga in Seattle, she intends to take the full Meditation Teacher Training course when it is offered in 2020.

S H A M A N I C P R A C T I T I O N E R - Amanda just recently began her official study of Shamanic Medicine (even though it seems it has been inside her for many years) as a Shamanic Practitioner through the Foundation of Shamanic Studies with Denise Paulette and intends to offer Shamanic Healing as an offering very soon in her practice.