Your Guide For Mind, Body & Spirit learning

Every fiber of my being was called to do this work; to guide and serve others by helping navigate the waters of their consciousness in the most authentic way possible.
— Amanda (founder)


Likenlife’s YouTube Channel is dedicated to providing you with trustworthy advice and guidance on lifestyle, spirituality, and finding your true inner Liken in your day to day life.

You can expect videos about:

  • Live Tarot/Oracle & Astrology readings

  • Spiritual and life guidance with practical take-a-ways

  • Guided meditations & magick rituals in sync with the moon phases

  • Raising your consciousness through diet, lifestyle, meditation & yoga

  • Weekly vlogs

  • Seasonal routines & rituals

  • Apartment tours & minimalism

  • Fun ways to express your creativity and keep your life organized and moving towards your goals



Take a deep dive on subjects such as:

  • Working with the Moon Phases Course Launches DECEMBER 2019!

  • And many more topics to come in 2020!




Tips, tricks and “how tos” about living a healthy and simple lifestyle filled with magick and bliss.

Complimentary written content to my YouTube Channel can be found on the blog such as:

  • Shopping lists for meal prepping

  • Downloadable planning pages and bullet journal ideas

  • Deeper discussions on astrological energies of the time and how to use them to your advantage

  • Meditation & moon ritual ideas

  • Spells & tips for writing intentions

  • DIY ideas for home decor & crafts


liken’s Guide to life

The MIND - BODY - SPIRIT Guidebook

Everything from diet, lifestyle tips, healthy habits to yoga, meditation & magick all in one easy to read digital guide!